XOXO.DANII.XOXO (material_girlx3) wrote in ilikeursleeves,

i see your drinking 1%...

kip is my idol...always and forever! napoleon dynamite is the best movie ever omgggg!

how many times have u seen the movie? 9 or 10
favorite character? kip
favorite quote? i see your drinking 1%...is that cuz u think ur fat? cuz ur not and you could be drinking whole milk if you wanted to!
favorite shirt that napoleon wears? vote for pedro shirt =)
favorite scene? in the cafeteria when napoleon goes...do you dare me to go talk to her? haha and then the 1% part

yeahhh so this place is cool! heck yes it is!
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February 11 2005, 21:42:36 UTC 12 years ago

they cant, i heard the guy he played napoleon died in a car accident recently. :\
i doubt thats true.
title or description

you guys seem awesome! heck yes! join crazii_n_cute